Hanging Christmas Decoration, hand-stamped, personalised

This lovely bell measures approx 45x45mm, can have these words with a year added.

Or you can choose your own words, but no more than FIVE otherwise they will not fit. If you are not sure, use the contact form to ask me the question prior to ordering.

This will come on a red bibbon as in photo, or a white ribbon with silver snowflakes on.

Make your choices in the drop down menu when ordering please.


I only use high grade, 1050, aluminium in my pieces. 
Benefits of using Aluminium is that it's hypoallergenic, lightweight and does not tarnish like silver.

Aluminium is a soft metal, there will be some marks on reverse of thinner pieces as the metal is displaced, but marking is attempted to be kept to a minimum.

Hanging Christmas Decoration, hand-stamped, personalised

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