Dog/Cat ID Tag, hand-stamped on both sides.
Never worry about your cat or dog getting lost again. 
Will have your number on for contact.
Disc measures 23-25mm diameter, and 2mm thick. 
Hand stamped aluminium
Completion can take 7-14 days.
This listing is suitable for cats and small breed dogs. 

Please make sure you give me phone number for rear, and pets name and whether chipped or not for front. 
Choose to have Stars, Hearts or neither stamped.
This information should be added in the comments section at checkout. 
If you would like a medical condition stamped then please follow the route for a custom request.
This will come with either the split ring through the tag, or joined by another ring. It depends where the hole has been drilled, and whether the split ring will fit.

I only use high grade, 1050, aluminium in my pieces. 
Benefits of using Aluminium is that it's hypoallergenic, lightweight and does not tarnish like silver.
Aluminium is a soft metal, there will be some marks on reverse of thinner pieces as the metal is displaced, but marking is attempted to be kept to a minimum.

Small ID Tag


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